Sunday, April 27, 2008

Whose Big Idea Was This?

So. Time comes to block up the doorway, and we've already decided on a transom window between the living room and ex-dining room/new kitchen. The kitchen gets wonderful morning light, and I hated to completely block that light from the other room. A window will let light through, circulate air (if we open it) and just look cool.
Note all the junk on the china hutch on the other side of this wall! LOL

So from the kichen side, I saw the wall being framed and said, "Hey, there's a spot for some inset shelves. Since a wall was removed I lost display space for collectables. Jay the Builder thinks the idea is okay, so he whips it together.

I got the bright idea of painting the backs the color behind the cabinet on another wall and staining the shelves red. It was a lot of work painting/staining them separately and then him putting them together. I really didn't like it. I guess it's not so bad to have one goof out of so many good accomplishments, but this was an eyesore goof.

So. I shall paint them. Taped them, found a can of green I liked - there's loveky old cracked green paint in the old window, so this will be a much beter look.

So. The first green is way too dark. I mean way.
So. I take some of the color from the opposite wall and blend it in to lighten it.

Two greens later, this is the right color. I still have more to show you now that's it's finished.

But that's the story.
And look all the junk is gone on the other side of the window.