Tuesday, July 1, 2008

South Wall - will be custom china cabinets

Here's are pics of the south wall in its early stages.

These photos were actually taken in March, and I'm just now posting them, because I want to keep the project all together so you can see the progress. And it was progress, even though it didn't always seem like it.

Jay put up tongue and groove beadboard that will be the backs of the cupboards.

The dog hates the air compressor and nail gun, but I worked with him, using It's Me or the Dog techniques (Animal Planet, people) and a lot of cheese, and now it only takes me pointing at him to keep him quiet. Pretty cool.

I selected one of the colors that are in my two-tone parchment walls for the beadboard. I didn't want the color to distract the eye from the items in the cupboards - and there will be a variety of colors.

Pam Crooks and her hubby gave us several cupboards when they remodeled their kitchen. Jay removed the doors and went to town refurbishing them. They'd be white anyway, so paint didn't matter. We figured out how to space them across the wall - leaving open spaces which he could then later fill in.

It seemed like we painted and puttied forever, coat after coat. He had already filled the holes where hinges were. And sanded. And sanded.

Here's Jared putting one on the wall. Everything's a major decision - how high? how low? What kind of doors do we want?

i knew I wanted the doors to look like those on an old cabinet - in fact we had my dream pictures to work from.


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Rebecca Ryan said...

I really like how bright and cheery your kitchen is. It looks so *homey*