Monday, June 15, 2009

This is the kind of picture the casual visitor to my regular blog sees - lovely pics, pretty flowers and cups, so serene and sweet....

But because you, dear friend, dare to go beyond the surface and look deeper, you are witnessing something far darker and more horrible than ever imagined. It's...the kitchen nightmare.

This, gentle reader, is a Paint Mistake.

I've made a few over the years, so I knoweth of what I speaketh.

If you're a follower, you know we've been working on this project for better than a year. We do all the work ourselves (counting Wonder Jared, of course). So when it came time to start on the north end of the room, the cupboards doors came off. That in itself was startling and, well, not so pretty.

And then I got this bright idea to paint the isides before the new doors went on - not plain old white! Anyone could do that. No, something fun and interesting - a little surprise when the door is opened.

Well, the first color was a asurprise all right, but the kind of surprise that wakes you out of a dead sleep in a cold sweat.

But alas, not to be discouraged, I return the first color and try again. This one is better. Much better. We can all sleep this night.

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Elin Lee said...

Cheryl, your "paint mistake" green was a flash to the past for me, to 1975 when my (now!) dearest friend, MJ, and I had just moved into an apartment in Boston. Neither of is had ever had a roommate; the assistant minister at our church paired us up and said, "Now you can rub rough corners off each other, and prepare yourselves for husbands!"

He was right: we did both. In the process, we decided that to save our 11-months-left lease, one of us would have to move out of the bedroom. With great dignity, I took over the living room, and soon painted it *your* green!

Only I couldn't admit it was a mistake!

Next, I got the bright idea to remove the cracked and peeling bathroom linoleum. Twice. (Your hall floor pics brought that back.) The pattern underneath was so-so, so a week later I went one layer deeper and found a lovely b&w mosaic. A very *soft* mosaic. It instantly absorbed six or eight coats of floor wax. (Did I mention that our landlord wasn't interested in upgrading our building??) It seemed as if for nearly a year, I waxed that floor once a week before MJ would forgive me! :-)

Thanks for the memories! MJ and I have been best buddies for thirty-eight years now, proof that the Lord really does love His children.

BTW, I still live in Massachusetts, but MJ lives in Chicago!