Saturday, March 15, 2008

The ceiling project

The ceiling was a huge job. Jay worked on it many evenings and a couple of weekends. Since the space was originally two rooms, they had to make the two sides even and match. There was a gaping hole where he and Jared cut access to the attic and Jared wired all the new lights up there, and then they put in more insulation.
Also, a big ugly recess hole where they removed ugly flourecent lighting had to be framed over and filled in.
And me being me, I really liked the rough look of the patched places, so I requested the texture be covered over and the ceiling made to look like plaster.
Jay is my hero because he made it happen. I really love it. He and Jared put in can lights and a fixture over the island.
We are in disagreement over the old ceiling fan. I was happy to see it go. He put it back up in a different place. But he did say last weekend that he knows he's already lost the battle. Guess I'll be fixture shopping.

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