Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Floor

THE DILEMMA: This was previously two rooms. One is carpeted, the other is wood laminate. The three-year-old wood laminate is now obsolete. So much for being able to buy more and piece it together somehow. Behind Jared you see the old cupboards on the original kitchen side. (They are still a work on progress.) You can also see the can lights.

So, the old flooring and carpet has to come out.

That was fun. Here's they're looking at where the doorway was between the two rooms.

Then the dining room side needed underlayment to bring it up level with the kitchen side.

Jay and Jared removed the old flooring and carpet and put down underlayment in a day.

This was under the laminate flooring. Bet it was ugly even when it was new! Yuck. Brown!

Then you have to lay down this foam plastic stuff under the new flooring. I got to help with that.

I'm probably saying, "THAT was under the stove!?" CLICK TO ENLARGE THIS and you can see whatever the kids are watching on TV down in the family room! LOL

The new floor is called ANTIQUE OAK. I think.

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