Saturday, March 15, 2008

The West Wall

This wall used to have a doorway from the dining room to the living room. We left an opening for a transom window, which will be over an antique cabinet in the living room and allow morning and mid-day sun through. Below it here on the kitchen side are recessed shelves being built that will hold my vintage spice tins.

Here, Jay is putting primer on the wall. We looked at pieced-in and bare drywall for a REALLY long time. This is a big moment.

You can see the old wall here - the wall that was in the dining room and the wallpaper border ran out behind the hutch. LOL It was fine when there was a hutch in front of it, but I looked at it like this for MONTHS!

This picture is jumping ahead a little, because here you can see the recess shelf project coming together and the bottom wall color. The top is still primer and there's a space (the blue tape) for a chair rail.

Also note Jay's new sturdy ladder, which I made him buy. Last summer he fell off the old one and broke three ribs.

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