Sunday, March 16, 2008

living room side of old doorway

Here is the living room with a cabinet in from of the doorway.
This is the same doorway as seen from the dining room on the other side.
The one that is now drywalled over

Here you can see through to the dining room.

It was an arch, but they took that out and made it into an opening for a transom window and filled in the rest.

And all the work is happening in the kitchen, so this still looks pretty much the same except the wall has been patched, there's woodwork around the kitchen doorway, and the wall is ready to paint.


Rebecca Ryan said...

It looks amazing Cheryl!

Robyn said...

Have we double checked the measurements to make sure the window will fit in the opening??

Rebecca Ryan said...

I went my the "Restore Store" today. Very cool. I found one or two things. My husband and I are going to go back this weekend. Thanks for the tip!